10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Start Following Today

Why read blogs on digital marketing?

10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Start Following Today

Anyone wishing to learn more about the most recent trends and methods in the field of digital marketing will find digital marketing blogs to be an invaluable resource.

These blogs address a wide range of topics, including content marketing, paid advertising, SEO, and social media marketing.

Digital marketing is developing at a breakneck pace. Statistia estimates that US spending on digital marketing would rise from $57.29 billion in 2014 to $113.37 billion in 2023.

The estimated 9% compound annual growth rate for digital marketing between 2020 and 2026.

The fact that digital marketing blogs offer helpful guidance and pointers on how to enhance your marketing efforts is one of their greatest advantages.

They might provide advice on how to boost your social media presence, optimize your website for search engines, or develop better content.

Digital marketing blogs abound online nowadays, each providing distinctive views and viewpoints on the always changing field of online marketing.

However, a select few stand out from the crowd for those looking for the top digital marketing blogs.

Some of the Best Digital Marketing Blogs

Here are a few of the top blogs for digital marketers that are unique, interesting, trustworthy, and helpful. To be informed about what is happening in your community, bookmark these top digital marketing blogs for 2023.

You may develop your knowledge and skills by keeping up with the most recent trends, methods, and best practices in digital marketing with the aid of these blogs.

#1. Marketing Land: Digital Marketing News & Views

Marketing Land is one of the greatest digital marketing blogs if you’re interested in learning new things about the sector of digital marketing. Daily breaking news on all facets of the web marketing sector can be found there.

You can use the useful digital marketing tactics and techniques you find to test out your own campaigns. Additionally, this website offers specialized content created by subject-matter specialists. Your questions will be answered by these top digital marketing blogs.

Why read Marketing Land Blog?

Marketing Land: Digital Marketing News & Views

Marketing land – digital marketing blog

It updates its audience on significant future launches and news about digital marketing. It aids in keeping you in front of the competition.

#2. The Moz Blog: Search Engine Marketing

You must follow the Moz Blog if you want to learn everything there is to know about SEO. One of the top digital marketing blogs on the internet is The Moz Blog. They are jam-packed with informative blog posts on each facet of your SEO tactics and tactics.

You can read blogs about internet digital marketing that cover anything from relationship-building tactics to technical problems like resolving duplicate content problems. The Moz Blog will assist you in keeping up with and better understanding the mechanisms underlying SEO improvements.

Why read Moz Blog?

The Moz Blog: Search Engine Marketing


Moz digital marketing blog

The step-by-step tutorials on how to learn and begin doing anything new in search are the best part of the Moz Blog.

#3. Kissmetrics: Digital Marketing Stats & Studies

Kissmetrics focuses on analytics, marketing, and testing. Their blogs display subject-matter expertise. Additionally, they provide you a variety of exquisitely designed infographics with the most recent digital marketing tests, studies, and statistics.

Additionally, there are helpful digital marketing guides that address topics like social networking, email marketing, and customer analytics.

Why read Kissmetrics Blog?

Kissmetrics: Digital Marketing Stats & Studies

Kissmetrics digital marketing blog

You can conduct your own research for articles and choose relevant data for campaign suggestions.

#4. The Search Engine Journal:

Search Engine Journal began its journey in 2003 and stands out for its community-based approach to search marketing material. The articles are created by actual specialists in online marketing who provide their audience with timely guidance.

Important industry news, trends, figures, and tactics can be found here.

Why read Search Engine Journal Blog?

The Search Engine Journal

This blog is one of the top digital marketing blogs, assisting digital marketers in maintaining knowledge of the most recent changes in the sector and enhancing their abilities. They facilitate collaboration and innovation throughout the interactive marketing community.

Sej (search engine journal) digital marketing blog

#5. Social Media Examiner: Social Media

You can get all the information you need for your social media strategy on this blog. Advice is available for social networking sites including Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Following and browsing this blog on digital marketing can assist you in creating a successful social media plan for many platforms. Case studies, podcasts, analyses of recent industry research, expert interviews, and the most recent social media news and updates are all included in the articles and postings.

Why read Social Media Examiner Blog?

Social Media Examiner: Social Media

Social media examiner blog

For developing your own content and social media strategy, you will find quality case study and strategy blog pieces beneficial.

#6. Econsultancy: Innovative and Latest Digital Marketing

One of the greatest blogs for digital marketing in 2023, it covers every facet of the industry as well as more specialized niche markets. They provide unique trends and helpful recommendations for marketers.

No matter if you work in the healthcare, fashion, or B2B sectors, Econsultancy has all the resources you need to use to achieve your corporate goals.

Why read Econsultancy Blog?

Econsultancy: Innovative and Latest Digital Marketing

Econsultancy digital marketing blog

You will find innovative and latest digital marketing advice. If you want to read some of the best digital marketing blogs then this blog is one of the best digital marketing blogs to keep eyes on.

#7. Convince & Convert: Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies

The materials available on this internet marketing blog include e-books, books, podcasts, blogs, and websites. It’s one of the greatest digital marketing blogs since influential people like Jay Baer are in charge of the advisors.

Each essay is succinct and straightforward, getting right to the point while still being educational and enlightening.

Why read Convince & Convert Blog?

Convince & Convert: Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies

Convince & convert blog

The blog posts on Convince & Convert will let you think outside of the box concerning what opportunities you could be incorporating into your own digital marketing strategies. You can create your own unique and relevant content with the help of their content.

#8. Content Marketing Institute: Content Marketing

One of the top marketing blogs to obtain unique content marketing information, including trends, budgets, and benchmarks for the sector.

There are articles on content strategy, narrative, and the best practices for blogging. The blog for the Content Marketing Institute will keep you informed about the most recent content marketing events.

Why read Content Marketing Institute Blog?

Content Marketing Institute: Content Marketing

Content marketing institute blogs

You will be able to create and implement your own successful and quantifiable content marketing strategy if you keep up with this site.

These digital marketing blogs also have the benefit of frequently offering the most recent information in the sector. Changes to search engine algorithms, new social media features, or developing trends in content marketing might all fall under this category.

#9. AFAQS!: Trending Campaigns & Stats

One of the blogs about digital marketing where you can get everything about marketing and advertising online. You can read articles written by specialists in the field, pieces written as guests by prominent speakers and influencers from around the world, campaigns that are now trending online, and social media data for the online world.

Why read AFAQS! Blog?

AFAQS!: Trending Campaigns & Stats


Afaqs blog

Afaqs assists you with the why and how of the market and offers a one-stop shop for all of your digital marketing issues.

#10. Buffer:

Due to the blog’s timely, practical, and interesting material, it is one of the most read on the subject of digital marketing. You may learn the most effective techniques to enhance fan interaction and drive traffic with the Buffer blog.

Why read Buffer Blog?


Buffer blog

The blog for real-time tactics is this one. You’ll be aware of productivity tips and how to improve customer happiness, user experience, and all three!

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