Las Vegas Grand Prix: First practice canceled after Carlos Sainz's car damaged by drain cover

Sainz now faces a 10-place grid penalty in Sunday's race

Formula 1 canceled the first practice session for the Las Vegas Grand Prix less than 20 minutes after the start.

The session was stopped after Carlos Sainz pulled a drain cover from the track surface, causing his car to be hit so hard that it was forced to stop. The session was red-flagged after Sainz stopped on the track and the FIA said it would not be restarted as Sainz's car was being taken back to the garage.

The FIA later issued a statement explaining that the concrete frame around the drain cover had failed and that it would have to investigate all other covers on the track:

It's an inauspicious start to a race weekend following its much-hyped arrival on the F1 calendar.

 The drain cover came up as Saenz was driving down Las Vegas Boulevard.

The practice TV feed showed significant damage to the floor of Sainz's car

and other drivers reportedly also had problems with the drain covers. Before you could hear the impact on his car, Sainz was off the gas for the yellow flag.