the share price of SBFC Finance continues to increase

After a successful debut on Dalal Street, the share price of SBFC Finance continues to increase. Purchase, sell, or hold?

The opening BSE share price for SBFC Finance was 81.99, providing allottees with a 44% listing premium.

Stock market experts predict that the share price of SBFC Finance could increase to levels of 105 in the near future.

The SBFC Finance share price launched on the BSE at 81.99 per unit, giving its allottees a listing premium of about 44%. The SBFC Finance IPO was priced at 82 per share on the NSE. The freshly listed share didn't stop there, either. SBFC Finance shares quickly increased in value after listing, reaching intraday highs of 93.26 on the BSE and 93.70 on the NSE. 

Stock market experts believe that SBFC Finance's share price will continue to rise and reach levels of 105 per share. Allotters are therefore urged to continue holding the shares in order to maximize their listing premium. However, they suggested that they hold the stock with a stop loss at levels of $80 a share. Stock analysts advised 'only high risk traders' to purchase at current levels for a target price of 105 per share while keeping a stop loss at 87 levels for new entries.

Anubhuti Mishra, Equity Research Analyst at Swastika Investmart, commented on the SBFC Finance IPO post-listing view: "SBFC Finance stands out as a rapidly growing non-banking financial business (NBFC) with robust earnings growth and solid asset quality. Although ambitious investors may keep it for a long time, it carries the weakness of being vulnerable to interest rates and market cycles, so in this market, after listing at such a premium, one should book profit.

SBFC Finance share price target

Vaibhav Kaushik, a Research Analyst at GCL Broking, advised allottees to hold onto their SBFC Finance shares and stated, "SBFC Finance share price may approach triple digit on trend reversal on Dalal Street. Therefore, I advise SBFC Finance share holders to continue holding the stock in order to reach the short-term goal of 105. However, in order to retain the stock for the desired price of 105, one must keep a strong stop loss at levels of 80 per share.

Vaibhav Kaushik of GCL Broking made the following recommendation to individuals who were unable to obtain SBFC Finance shares through the allotment process: "Only high risk traders and investors are advised to buy at current levels keeping stop loss at 87. Their immediate goal would be 105.