With 600 million Instagram followers, Cristiano Ronaldo surpasses Lionel Messi and Selena Gomez, setting a record

Cristiano Ronaldo is the first individual to achieve 600 million Instagram followers. He surpasses celebrities like Selena Gomez and rival Lionel Messi in terms of followers on the platform. He has become incredibly well-liked all across the world. This was anticipated because Ronaldo undoubtedly has the largest and most devoted fan base in the entire planet. Despite the fact that he no longer performs in Europe

After joining Al Nassr in January, Cristiano Ronaldo had a disappointing debut campaign. While on an individual level, he has decent stats, scoring 14 goals in 16 games. But the group was unable to execute well. When the Portuguese striker joined the team, the Riyadh-based team was in first place, but they finished the year in second place behind Al-Itihaad.

When manager Rudi Garcia stated that the player would return to Europe and not retire in Saudi Arabia, there were whispers of a departure after only six months. But recently, he appeared and shot down all of these rumors, declaring that he would never go back to Europe. However, he might end himself liking life in Saudi after all. His girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, posted pictures and videos of her having fun in the water.

save for a couple remarks that weren't quite kind to her. They began to criticize her clothing, saying that it was inappropriate for Ronaldo and that she ought to be more devoted to him. Additionally, they claimed that by wearing in such a way, she is disrespecting Saudi culture and that she is nothing without him.

Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo's season with Al-Nassr ended, Georgina Rodriguez and him have been traveling. The family took boat excursions and visited numerous beaches throughout Europe. They had a terrific time, and they shared images of it on social media. Most recently, Mohamed Salah was scrawled on the back of a Liverpool jersey that Ronaldo's daughter was wearing.

This sparked a frenzy on social media as some began to speculate that it was directed at Cristiano Ronaldo's old team, Manchester United. But one of his boys was also spotted donning a United jersey. This demonstrates that all of the Portuguese star's posts become viral trends because of his enormous fan base.